Spindle Document Management

spindle-doc-managementIt’s time to make sure you’re business documentation is working for you, rather than against you.

Finally, the power of Spindle Document Distribution (previously Spindle Professional) and Spindle Document Capture have been combined in a single comprehensive document management suite!

As longstanding partners of Draycir we have already seen hundreds of our clients utilising Sage 200, benefit from the addition of their applications. It is designed specifically to work alongside the market-leading business management solution.

Today the volume of digital documents is only increasing, and both suppliers and customers are more demanding when it comes to speed of dispatch and response. The amalgamation of the products used to create Spindle Document Management means that accessing a system, capable of streamlining your processes and ensuring you can cope and sustain growth going forward, is now even simpler!

Distribute outgoing documents 

Spindle Document Distribution allows you to digitally manage your outbound document workflow processes and significantly reduce the time you spend processing paperwork. As well as being far quicker, the system also ensures your documentation is received by the right people, at the right time.

Capture incoming documents

Spindle Document Capture reduces the workload around document handling and storage, with a digital management solution that ensures all your important business documents are always to hand.

Spindle Document Capture scans, imports and archives all of your incoming documents. Every document captured is linked to an entry in Sage 200, so you have instant and secure access to documents.

View documents in Sage 200

Proper administration of your business documentation is essential to the success and proper operation of your business. Having secure and instant access to every document you require from within the Sage 200 application, means you can be more efficient and provide a better service to your customers.

Capture documents on the go 

The Spindle Document Capture App is available to Spindle Document Management users and allows you to take advantage of document capture technology from your iOS or Android device. Send delivery notes, expenses or sales orders back to the office whilst you’re on the move – it’s like having a scanner in your pocket!

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