Upgrading to SAP Business One

Upgrading from Sage 50 and other small business systems to SAP Business One

As a business grows there will always come the point when existing systems begin to falter under the strain of increased load and requirements for greater functionality. Sage 50 is a system used by a large number of small businesses in the UK but what happens when success results in these organisations hitting the limitations of the system? This is really the point when their growth means they are no longer a small business and can’t continue to operate like one.

In this situation DCS are working with an increasing number of clients looking to move from lower tier business software products, including Sage 50, to SAP Business One, and tap into the power of SAP as a technology platform for their future business growth.Sage 50 SAP Business One comparison

SAP Business One is a fully integrated and affordable business management solution. As part of the globally recognised SAP product family, SAP Business One is specifically designed for growing, small to midsize businesses. An upgrade to SAP Business One provides a platform for growth beyond lower tier products such as Sage 50, amongst others, and enables data to be used more efficiently across all areas of your business.

If you want an in-depth look at the functionalities of SAP Business One against those of Sage 50 then download our exclusive focus and comparison document by entering your details below.

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