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logo beasSAP Business One delivers powerful manufacturing and MRP functionality as part of the core application but from Global SAP Business One gold partner Boyum IT builds on this power and takes the potential of Business One for manufacturers to the next level.

Today’s manufacturing businesses face many challenges, keeping control of costs, getting products to market faster than ever before, complex sales and service channels and an ever-demanding need for innovation in order to remain ahead of the competition.

To meet these challenges and demands, companies need a partner that understands the complexities of their industry – with tailored solutions, implemented quickly, by local industry experts and a proven methodology.

Here at DCS we are a specialist partner and our team of SAP Business One consultants are equipped with a wealth of experience in the manufacturing space. The combination of this experience alongside the expanded functionality and power of make us the number one choice for UK manufacturers looking to get the maximum benefit from SAP Business One.

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beas offers our clients a way to implement fully-tailored and optimised manufacturing systems without any of the bespoke configuration or development that can be required when working with Business One’s core functionality only – this also avoids any future issues related to support or redevelopment that can be associated with bespoke systems.

The out of the box power of allows your business to hit the ground running with a tried and tested solution designed to help manufacturing businesses to Run Simple.

There are currently 14 specific manufacturing solutions available, all developed in close cooperation with SAP. Nine of these have been developed to support discrete manufacturing industries while the remaining five are focused on process-oriented companies.beas_discrete_process_manufacturing_solutions

The modules handle tasks including production order management, preliminary and actual costing, capacity planning, and materials management. Boyum places a particular focus on cost accounting and cost estimation. Costing in includes both full and marginal costing and shows key contribution margin indicators (contribution margin as a percentage of net revenue, contribution margin per hour, etc.). The cost accounting module is augmented by functionality for calculating an hourly rate for full and marginal costs for each machine or workstation, providing an excellent basis for preliminary and actual costing.

Check out the Trecolan case study below…

Geared to operate seamlessly inside SAP Business One

Boyum has geared the functionality of the modules to SAP Business One and evidence of this can be found throughout the product including:

  • The product structure is displayed at all stages – key data, production job, preliminary and actual costing; The user does not need to change the program to add operations and parts-list entries (modules and components) to the structures.
  • Additions to parts lists can be made during the design process, and material requirements are displayed immediately so that users can always access the latest data.
  • The solution is an international system, offers multiple language capability.
  • A learning mode includes foreign language terms to enable users to work with the new language version right away.


UK manufacturers, contact us to take the innovation challenge with DCS today and see where Manufacturing can take your business.

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