SAP Boyum

The SAP B1 Usability Package (B1UP) from Boyum is very user-friendly and allows consultants and appropriate end-users to carry out configuration tasks that were previously only possible for developers.


  • Ability to centralize and speed up work and validation
  • Comprehensive solution focusing on enhanced usability and process flow
  • Functionality can be turned on and off at will
  • Simplify for enhanced user experience
  • Highly configurable
  • Reduce the need for expensive development
  • Multilingual support


  • Functions buttons – Place custom buttons in every window in SAP Business One and tie them to formatted searches or one of the 30 special functions provided, including the data launcher that enables you to launch other programs with data-specific arguments.
  • Mandatory Fields – Make any field in SAP Business One mandatory to enhance data discipline and ensure data quality.
  • Item Placement Tool – Change the layout of every window in SAP Business One, hide unused fields and place the user-defined fields from the UDF-side onto the main window.
    Add & Edit Menus – Create your own menus or rename the existing one. Make the menu suit your customer.
  • Tab Control – Tab Control allows you to change and edit navigation of the SAP Business One Windows.
    Default Data – Set additional default data on Business Partner and/or Items to speed up the process when creating new master data.
  • Toolbox – Collection of 40+ usability enhancements that can be turned on and off individually.
    Template System – Create snapshots of current data for any window and store them as templates for easy creation of master data and executions of reports.
  • Quick Create – Enables you to create a new item or business partner on the fly in a simple form, making the user able to focus on the business here and now and not on SAP Business One.
  • Make Items Read Only – This new module allows you to define items that are read only for any window in SAP Business One.

Enhancement Modules

  • Recurring Invoices – Create template invoices for batch runs on scheduled dates to handle monthly/yearly contracts.
  • PLD Extensions – Import and export report layouts to XML.
  • B1 Search – Cross reference search in data much like Google Index search.
  • Letter Merge – Merge data from Business Partners master data with Microsoft Word templates to enhance CRM.
  • Exchange Rates – Online update of Exchange Rates via the ECB (European Central Bank).
  • Account Balance – Create account balance reports for customers/suppliers in PDF.

On-Site Development

  • Universal Functions – The Universal Function System is a collection of functions that can be activated using the B1 Validation System by an Activation Request or by the Function Buttons.
  • B1 Validation System – The B1 Validation System allows you to create new functionality for the SAP Business One using the B1 Validation Configuration to determine when the functionality should happen and the Universal Functions to say what kind of functionality should happen.
  • Master Data Manager – With this tool you are able to perform administration and maintenance tasks on common master data in the current database. This is done without the need for external tools like Data Transfer Workbench.
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