Sage Payroll

This powerful, yet flexible payroll software allows you to process large volumes of payroll data quickly and accurately.

Thanks to its real improvements, it’s now easier than ever to process your employees’ payments even if you only have a basic understanding of the complexities of payroll legislation.

You can manage all of your employees’ pay, holiday entitlement and rewards, every step of the way. It also helps you calculate different rates for overtime, and enables your business to take advantage of tax benefits.

Features and Benefits

Manage your wages and salaries

Peace of mind with HMRC accredited software

Stay up to date and be confident that you have all the essential calculations of tax, National Insurance and statutory payments with our HMRC accredited software.

Payroll made simple with automatic calculations

Payroll legislation can be complex, but with Sage Payroll Professional you’ll have all the payroll essentials covered. Make light work of:

  • Tax and National Insurance
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)
  • Student Loans, Attachments of Earnings Orders (AEO), Pensions

The nuts and bolts of processing your payroll

Pre and post-tax multiple payments and deductions: Sage Payroll Professional caters for all business types by dealing with payments such as overtime rates, shift allowances and commissions

Net to gross payments: You can enter payment information as a net or gross amount and all calculations will be taken care of

Net payment types: You can add one-off or regular additional payments based at net value and all calculations are taken care ofBatch timesheet entry: Makes payment entry even quicker

Multi-company: If you’re running a bureau or processing over more than one company, you can update the payroll for all or a selected range of companies

Multi-user: The network functionality allows more than one user to process the payroll

Pay everyone at the right rate

No matter how you pay your employees, whether you use commission, bonus, piecework or a simple hourly rate, Sage Payroll Professional can help make sure you meet your legal obligations to pay the appropriate minimum wage, by taking care of all the calculations.

Easier to manage your payroll

When it comes to importing information into your payroll software, Sage Payroll Professional helps you keep control of every detail.

You’ll no longer have to enter different rates of pay for things like overtime, bonuses and commissions on separate lines. This is ideal if you process payroll remotely or receive timesheets from a number of different departments.

Enter payments and deductions on the same screen, so things like social club membership subscriptions are easy to identify and account for.

We’ve made it easier to add pay elements, and there are also increased decimal places to give you greater flexibility when using fractions of money.

Foreign bank details can be recorded in employee records, and you can even choose the type of employment for each of your employees.

We’ve also lengthened the company name field to make things more convenient.

Easier to manage your less common tasks

Quick links give you a new panel that’s always in clear view, allowing you to easily find and execute those less common tasks – whether that’s recording sickness, maternity, paternity, adoption or printing historical reports, past payslips, or even P32 reports.

The features within our quick links menu have been simplified, to make it easier for you to run your payroll quickly and efficiently.

Manage your payroll costs

Understand how changes to your payroll can affect your finances. Predict the impact of pay increases, bonuses or overtime plans with the salary forecast tool.

One payroll: many payment intervals

Sage Payroll Professional deals with weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly payment periods, making it easy for you to manage your multiple payment intervals.

Say goodbye to complex final pay calculations for leavers

It’s easy to calculate final pay when an employee leaves with Sage Payroll Professional. You can automatically calculate outstanding payments and deductions, including attachment of earnings, holiday payments or company loans.

Overtime, bonus and commission calculations at the touch of a button

Save yourself some time every pay run by automating extra payments for your people, such as calculating double time, tax-free payments, percentage bonuses and extra pay.

By creating formulas for each of your rewards, which can be applied to any employee’s base rate, you don’t have to spend time manually calculating extra pay.

Take a break from complex holiday calculations

When you’ve got people that work varying hours or shifts, it can become complex working out holiday entitlement and managing multiple holiday schemes. With Sage Payroll Professional you can calculate average pay and the holiday payment due for people working both regular and irregular hours.

Your payslips

There’s a wide choice of layouts for your payslips which can be printed on plain paper or Sage Stationery. And if you want to personalise them, you can by adding messages and logos.

Go green with secure electronic payslips

Provide a greener and speedier alternative to traditional printed forms with electronic payslips. Apply password protection for added security and peace of mind. By using or adapting the ready-made email payslip templates all you’ll need to do is tick a box and Sage Payroll Professional will automatically generate and email them out.

Paying your staff

Whether you pay your people by cash, cheque, BACS or e-Banking, all of these are taken care of with Sage Payroll Professional.

Multi-company capabilities

Looking after the payroll for more than one company? With Sage 200 Professional you can manage tax parameters and codes, payments, additions, holiday schemes, print payslips, run reports and update your payroll for more than one company.

Making the most of online banking

With Sage Payroll Professional, we’ve included all the tools you need to use e-banking services as standard. So even if your bank charges you an additional fee for its online services, we don’t.

Working with your accountancy software

Sage Payroll Professional can link with your Sage 50 Accounts so you can update your accounts with your payroll payments, and spend less time re-keying data.

Managing your employees

Give your people the information they need

By law, everyone must be provided with a Written Statement of Employment Particulars. Take the hassle out of recording the right information with Sage Payroll Professional.

When you add a new person their statement is created automatically and prompts will remind you to update contracts when necessary. You can print or email your contracts, scan and store them within your software, giving you a complete history.

Previous payslips can be accessed in seconds, so when an employee comes to you and needs printed copies, or even if you just need to check them on screen, it’s now easier to do so.

Your employee records in one place

Have all your employee information stored securely in one place. You can also store information on: appraisals, disciplinary records, job and salary history. And the absence and holiday diary lets you record all employee absences.

The list used to view your employees has been cleverly reordered and simplified so that the most important elements come first, with new columns for adding any additional information you need to store.

Apply changes to more than one record in one go

Sage Payroll Professional gives you the tools you need to apply many changes to a whole range of employees all in one go.

Create your own individual employee groups

Select groups of employees not linked by department or cost centre and apply actions to this group. For example, select your part-time staff to do a separate pay run. Save these groups for future use.

Add notes to keep track of changes

Add notes when entering payments as a reminder of why a specific event or action was taken when you’re processing the payroll.

Save time with your in-year submissions

There’s no need for you to spend hours re-keying information from HMRC when you get your in-year submissions via the internet. Amendments received from HMRC, such as tax code changes, can be applied directly to employee records, saving you time and effort. And as it is a secure mailbox you know only you and HMRC can access it.

Your e-submissions can also be tracked by status and sender, so when you submit your PYE returns online (a mandatory requirement for businesses from April 1st 2010) you can see their status and the name of the person who sent them

PYE returns online (a mandatory requirement for businesses from April 1st 2010) you can see their status and the name of the person who sent them.

Manage your documents effectively

Make your HR information more accessible and easier to manage with our Document Manager. You can store, modify and print documents from software such as Microsoft Word and Excel, giving you instant access to documents pertaining to employee and company data. Apply password protection to secure PDF documents and ensure your business information remains confidential.

Add new employees quickly and easily

Take the effort out of adding new employees by simply entering their personal details and copy information such as payment rates, pension and holiday schemes from another employee.

The screen for entering new employees has been simplified, making it easier when a new person joins your business.

Security you can trust

Sage Payroll Professional allows you to be confident that you are storing and handling staff information securely. You even have the flexibility to restrict access to information contained with an employee record.

Managing your reports and analysis

Managing your time

Keep track of all your day-to-day tasks with a clear calendar and reminders. See all your daily task reminders on one screen. Simply open for more details, dismiss or delete them to make sure everything’s crossed off your ‘to do’ list.

Never forget a deadline or due date

Automatic reminders prompt you when you need to take actions, for example when you’re due to submit returns to HMRC.

Create the right reports and stay compliant

Automatically collate the right data and produce your statutory reports, such as P11, P32 and P45, from within your Sage Payroll Professional software.

Save time producing your most popular reports

Identify the reports you run most frequently from a choice of over 250, you can then group them and produce multiple reports at the touch of a button.

The right reports for your business

This feature allows you to edit existing reports or create your own. This way you can produce reports to meet with your needs. All reports can be emailed in HTML or PDF format.

Stay in control, no matter what

Be confident that your payroll data is reliable and up to date with tools to help you validate your payroll against current legislation. So you’ll have peace of mind before you submit the details to HMRC.

And if you do have a visit from HMRC you’ll have the right information on hand, and in the correct format for the inspector with our comprehensive reports.

Have more control over your figures

Get more out of your payroll data by breaking down figures by department or cost centre.

Spot errors in your payroll (Professional)

Use our Exception and Variance reports to spot any input errors and report on irregularities in your payroll figures.

Easily access your historical data

Eliminate the need for restoring prior-year back-ups or search through endless paperwork to answer employee or HMRC queries. With seven-year storage, you can easily reprint or view payslips and produce statutory reports from previous tax years.

Work with your other software & services

If other people in your company need to access or analyse payroll information, simply link your Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet directly to your payroll data. This information can then be viewed without the need to install Sage Payroll on their computer.

And as it integrates with Microsoft® Office you can also export your data and do useful things like run mail merges for employee letters.

In fact, everything about Sage Payroll Professional has been specifically designed to work seamlessly alongside other software, such as Sage 50 HR, to allow your data to be transferred quickly and without hassle.

You can even access your Sage Cover services from your payroll software… so you can choose whatever service you need without opening and closing new windows.

Reconciliation Assistance (Professional)

Analyse and print year-to-date values at the click of a button to establish how the total figure has been calculated.

Keep track of changes

You can easily track any changes that have taken place: when they took place and who made them.

Advanced Data Import wizard

Import information from sources including Excel, CSV and other payroll software by mapping columns to their equivalents in your payroll. Save your settings to perform the same data imports time and time again with the minimum of fuss and less chance of mistakes.

Import and export employee data

Import and export between CSV files and Sage Payroll Professional to help you set up your payroll or import data from timesheets.


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