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Every business needs customers. But it is how you manage and nurture your relationships with them that makes all the difference when it comes to commercial success or failure.

The Sage CRM solution drives sales and business growth by providing a powerful platform for your people and organisation to deal with your customers in the most efficient ,effective and joined up way possible.

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Sage’s contact management and customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you to maximise the value in your business relationships. Sage CRM links together your Sales, Marketing and Customer Care departments within one system, giving your business a single view of your customers, prospects and suppliers.

It’s easy to use, quick to deploy, and integrates seamlessly with your Sage 200 solution. The Sage CRM allows you to immediately start building stronger relationships with existing customers, target new customers more effectively and drive your sales revenues. It can be tailored to match your individual business needs and help you to streamline your internal processes.

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When it comes to CRM and Sage 200 we really are in exciting times now as what was previously seen as two separate systems now represent a truly integrated and connected business solution. The two exist side by side and integrate seamlessly to ensure that every department and team member within your business can take advantage of cutting-edge software relevant to their role and as a result do their job better.

A closer yet more flexible real-time integration between the Sage 200 ERP solution and Sage CRM ensures that your customer data – be it recent communications, quotes provided, complaints received or payments outstanding – only exists once, is completely up to date and is easily available across your organisation.

This flow and exchange of information between business areas and individual colleagues is the fuel for your growth – customer retention skyrockets through improved, efficient service and new business is won by the power of good communication.

Key Business Benefits of Sage CRM:

  • Unify your sales, marketing, finance and customer care functions

Sage CRM gives you a 360 degree view of your business. This makes it easier for everyone to work together and share critical information.

  • Sales Force Automation

Improve sales performance with sales automation tools that help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily.

  • Marketing Automation

Target the right customers, at the right time with a suitable message and put your marketing resources to their best use.

  • Customer Service Automation

Resolve customer issues more quickly and efficiently by providing customer service professionals with user-friendly tools to organise, communicate, and solve customer questions more easily.

  • Designed to run in a web browser

In the modern business world mobility is critical. Sage CRM allows your users access to vital customer information anytime and from anywhere.

  • Easily customise the software

Meet your precise business requirements by developing the system to gather the data you need and implement the workflows that .

Together, your business is stronger – Read more about bringing finance and CRM together.

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