Dcs CarrierLink

dcs CarrierLink courier integrationDesigned and developed ‘in-house’ at dcs, the CarrierLink module for Sage 200 streamlines your despatches by integrating directly with your carrier’s consignment software.

Typically installed and running within a day, dcs CarierLink offers the unique functionality and opportunity to bring the power of web-integrated parcel tracking and customer services within your Sage 200 solution.

Download the dcs CarrierLink information sheet and pricing details below.

Working directly from an order within Sage 200 the module allows your users to select a carrier, specify the number of boxes, etc. and CarrierLink will communicate with the carrier’s software to obtain the next consignment reference, initiate the production of labels, and automate the manifest process.

From there on in the consignment is linked back to the sales order in Sage 200 so that, at the touch of a button, your users can track the consignment via a link to your carriers website.

CarrierLink for Sage 200 currently has ‘connectors’ for the following courier services: –

  • Geopost
  • Interlink
  • Parcelforce
  • Tuffnells
  • UPS
  • APC
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • UKMail
  • Yodel

dcs are developing ‘connectors’ for additional courier services and the list is constantly expanding. However, if you use a service that is not listed, then we can offer you a custom integration service.

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