Business process automation delivering the power to make IT happen

Founded in 1997, UK-based Orbis Software has pioneered the development of business process automation solutions. Today, Orbis provides the leading pure-play Business Process Management Suite TaskCentre® enabling organisations to drive efficiency and save time, reduce costs, generate revenue, optimise relationships and improve visibility and agility through collaborative process automation.

More than 4000 customers worldwide already use Orbis products, ranging from diverse global organisations to the small local enterprise.

Research and development

Since inception, product development has been driven by researching the market and listening carefully to the needs and wants of our valued customers. We work closely with our customers and partners to constantly improve our products. The products are developed by an extensive team of developers based in the UK and in Continental Europe.

With a wealth of experience in programming languages, applications, information systems and platforms, our development team is at the leading edge of modern development techniques.

Experience and expertise

Orbis solutions are delivered through a worldwide network of highly-trained, accredited partners, each of whom has experience of specific vertical markets or application systems and expertise in the installation, implementation and customisation of Orbis TaskCentre®. Our partners work with each individual customer to ensure that their business process management needs are met and that TaskCentre® connects with existing information systems and applications to provide a complete solution.