Spindle Document Distribution

spindle-doc-distributionWhat is Spindle Document Distribution?

Award-winning Spindle Document Distribution is part of the Spindle Document Management Suite. The product began life as Spindle Professional and is designed to help your business create the right impression and save you time and money. It’s an ideal tool to streamline and automate communications in small to medium-sized businesses where time and resources are at a premium.

Using Spindle Document Distribution can result in significant cost savings – on stationery, postage and staff administration. By automating routine communications, it also reduces human errors and frees up time for more important tasks.

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With Spindle Document Distribution’s dynamic and flexible software you can instantly and easily merge information from business applications to produce documents that can be sent by email, fax, print and also archived. For a more professional look, it allows you to add your company logo and branding to documents such as letters, statements, invoices, remittances, delivery notes and purchase orders. You can print directly onto plain paper, so there’s no need for expensive pre-printed stationery. It’s also flexible, allowing you to create and mail your customers with promotional offers and seasonal messages.

Where could Spindle Document Distribution be used in your business?

Spindle Document Distribution is versatile and equally suitable for use across a range of business applications. 

Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Services and Accounting functions can all benefit from a more streamlined and automated approach.

Accounts Department

The accounts department can be one of the largest producers of paper in a business. Each and every month, a business could spend thousands on postage and handling of documents. These include statements, invoices, remittances, sales and purchase orders, delivery notes and quotations. Using Spindle Professional to send these documents via email and fax saves both time and money.

Sales and Marketing

Spindle Document Distribution can be used in many ways by your sales and marketing department. By combining the power of Spindle Professional with your company’s CRM system, you can distribute newsletters, email shots, quotations and special offers, all at the click of a button. It can also be used to automatically send out PDF literature requests.

Customer Service and HR

A cornerstone of good customer service is communication. Spindle Document Distribution helps get the right information to the right person, whether it’s an engineer’s job sheet or a call reminder for a customer. HR can use Spindle Professional to send employees’ payslips by their preferred method; email, fax or printer.

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