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When it comes to ERP software it is our knowledge, capability, and years of experience that unlocks the power within a platform and delivers tangible benefits to our clients. Our focus on an ‘industry standard’ ERP solution assures you that we are not delving into the unknown and that we can offer credible business references within our existing customer community.

What is ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that brings together a range of business processes, such as financials, stock control, business intelligence and CRM, so that it can all be viewed in real-time via a single, unified platform.

Having an ERP system means that businesses can automate many processes that previously had to be done manually. Automating tasks such as stock monitoring and order processing, reduce the likeliness of human error and in turn drive efficiencies and productivity.

By incorporating an ERP system into an organisation, businesses can facilitate cross-departmental data sharing. This  ensures all functions and stakeholders have access to the information they need, when they need it.

Contrary to popular belief ERP systems are not just for large organisations. The reality is that an ERP system improves efficiencies and aids with business growth for small to midsize organisations too.

Business value of ERP

  • Integrated management of your business processes – A single platform to manage all your business systems and processes. Silos of information, lack of communication and disjointed processes are no longer the things holding back your business growth.
  • Streamline decision making and empower your employees – armed with real time information your team can be agile with business decision making. No more waiting around for other departments to pass information over, data is shared across the various functions via a system that is accessible to whoever needs it.
  • Accurate inventory management – An up to date view of your current and upcoming sales orders means that you can manage your stock efficiently, eliminating warehouse backlogs through greater stock visibility.

Our chosen ERP software partners have been carefully considered. At DCS we are proud to be recognised as leading experts and specialists, giving you expanded functionality on your chosen platform.

Premier Solutions

We are proud to be ‘masters of what we do’, hence why we do not offer a multitude of solutions within the same market space or sector. We have identified the premier business management software suites available to the UK’s small and medium enterprises. Our three-decade history has seen us develop our knowledge and expertise in these applications to the highest levels.

  • For Financial and Commercial solutions we have partnered with the two of the world leading providers; SAP and Sage and we specialise in their SME-targeted ERP solutions, SAP Business One and Sage 200 respectively.
  • For general Desktop and Server solutions our partner of choice has always been Microsoft.
  • For system security and virus protection our partner of choice is Kaspersky.

Take a look through our website to find out more about the software solutions we work with and why DCS are partners you can truly rely on when it comes to cutting-edge business systems.

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