Scoping & Design

If you just want to buy software or hardware then we can provide this BUT if you want a holistic IT business solution then that's where our real value lies.

The deployment of an efficient and successful business system does not happen by itself. It also doesn’t happen necessarily by simply assigning a large budget to a project and buying the most modern and expensive of whatever is available.  It happens as a result of professional project scoping and system design carried out with the support, guidance and advice only a truly experienced and knowledgeable business partner can provide.

The DCS approach means our team will engage with you at every stage to discuss, research and challenge where appropriate – then jointly scope with you the parameters of the project.

Due consideration will be given to budget, timescale and interfacing (be that at a technical architecture or people level with staff, customers and suppliers – as appropriate).

Once the scoping phase is complete our team will start work on the design of the solution. Like  the scoping this will again be a two-way process, with client input required on options and implications. Nobody knows your business better than you and as a technology partner we make sure we never lose sight of this fact. The investment of your time during this phase will reap rewards during the implementation, deployment and training stages of the project later.

The DCS Consultancy and Technical teams boast many years of experience gained from assisting hundreds of clients across diverse market sectors to implement real business solutions – let us help you to get it right!

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