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Eueureka-logoreka Solutions are a key Sage development partner when it comes to the market-leading 200 solution and we’ve partnered with them to bring their range of add-ons to our client base.

The Sage 200 software package delivers the functionality that small and medium businesses require to grow and succeed. However, outside of this core functionality there are some processes and procedures that can increase efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness at just about any organisation using Sage 200.  Eureka’s range of add-ons introduce this enhanced functionality to Sage 200 and you can find out more about some of the products most commonly used amongst our Sage 200 clients below:

Eureka Data Exchange

Data Exchange provides seamless data integration between Sage 200 and third party systems including e-commerce websites, warehousing software, external ERP and CRM systems, bespoke software, or industry-specific solutions.

Data Exchange allows automatic Sage 200 integration and transfers information between external systems and Sage without any manual intervention, including imports and exports not available in standard Sage 200 such as sales orders, purchase orders, despatches, cash book transactions, and stock transfers. Standard connectors are available for many systems, including Amazon, eBay and Magento.

Eureka Plus Pack

The Plus Pack for Sage 200 contains 80+ individual addons designed to enhance standard Sage 200 functionalities. The Plus Pack has evolved over the last ten years as a result of specific requests from customers who have been looking for slicker Sage 200 processes. This product offers excellent value for money and is the perfect solution for you if you ever think “I wish Sage 200 could do…”.

The Plus Pack for Sage 200 includes 80+ modules designed to enhance standard processes and functionality within Sage 200. If you are creating workarounds in Sage 200 look to further than the Plus Pack for Sage 200.

Eureka Sales Order Plus

Sales Order Plus for Sage 200 provides the tools you need to sell more products, speed up the order entry process and provides all the required customer and product information from the one screen. This addon is perfect if you are operating within rapid telesales or tradecounter sales environments.

Sales Order Plus is fully integrated with Sage 200 and enhances the standard sales order process without losing any standard functionality.

Eureka Stock Plus

Stock Plus for Sage 200 provides additional stock management software for Sage 200. It extends standard Sage 200 stock functionality to allow wholesale and retail businesses to manage large numbers of variant stock items, e.g. DIY, golf, art, tyre or clothes stores.

Stock Plus is fully integrated with standard Sage 200 Stock Control making it the ideal replacement for the discontinued Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail module.

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