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public cloud peopleThe public cloud is what most people will be referencing when they speak about cloud. This is the cloud concept in its purest form – the idea of data stored and processed on public server infrastructure and hosting platforms, then accessed via the web.

This distributed method of deploying and operating server infrastructure, provides an extremely cost-effective way for businesses to access ultra-high performance, always accessible IT solutions.

DCS’s public cloud offerings include solutions based on both the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services platforms, providing options to our clients depending on cost and compatibility factors. DCS have been Microsoft and Amazon partners for many years and we are skilled in deploying business workloads to these tech giants’ cloud services.

office cloudUnfortunately, many enterprises don’t spend enough time weighing up the options to ensure they make the most out of their investment, as a public cloud will not necessarily save money or improve efficiency if not properly specified and planned.  Decisions are often rushed, with businesses forced in to action by equipment becoming end-of-life or a site relocation. DCS will work through the options with you, regardless of the situation, and ensure your business approaches its cloud journey in the best possible manner.

We know that understanding your business can be the deciding factor – for example, we helped one business save money by learning that they worked set hours Monday to Friday each week.  DCS automated the spinning up of environments within minutes at the beginning of the working day, and automatically shutting them down at the end of the day.  This was a deciding factor and saved the client thousands of pounds in the first year alone, due to the service agreements offered by Microsoft in this instance.

To find out more about how DCS can make the public cloud work for your business get in touch with our specialist team today.


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