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clouds-film-handWhen the cloud is referenced and discussed, it is more often than not the public or true cloud that is really being focused on, and that’s fair enough because these are what most people understand cloud to be. A massive, amorphous and almost intangible body of data that exists, but nobody really knows where.

If we’re looking at it from a purist’s perspective as well, then it is also absolutely correct that this should be the case, because this is exactly what cloud computing is.

However, reality is often far removed from theory and this is definitely the case when it comes to the use of cloud in business. For so many reasons – security, access, and critical application compatibility to name just a few – the public cloud just cannot work for some businesses.

This is where private cloud solutions like those offered by DCS come in to play. These solutions offer all of the operational and cultural benefits of cloud working, without the associated negatives or vulnerabilities.

skyscraper-into-cloudNow, like the cloud in general, it’s worth saying that the private cloud concept is not necessarily something new. The idea of placing data and applications under the custodianship of IT experts, and then using internet connections to access them from any location, used to be called co-location.

These IT support companies, who provide co-located server solutions, would in time develop in to hosting businesses with dedicated client server infrastructures. Now economies of scale have seen this idea develop in to the private cloud – a hugely cost effective method of implementing the same concept. This is where large hosting organisations provide rackspace and server farms, where specialists like DCS can access and spin up the resources required to host your data and applications.

All of our private cloud solutions are managed and maintained directly by DCS, and use dedicated equipment to provide you with your IT and computing services.  There is even the option for your business to own the equipment outright, or to simply incorporate equipment costs in to your regular monthly fee.

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