Delivering DELL technology to your desktop

Dell has built its business on giving customers personal choice and then delivering high-quality products and service at a compelling price. Those are and will always remain core values to Dell. Today, Dell’s customers demand even more; so we continue to offer them the personalised look and feel they desire, right down to the colour and graphical design of their system. Dell is committed to becoming the greenest technology company on earth. To reach that goal they consider the impact to the environment in every aspect of the business.

Customers large and small have also demanded that we make our IT solutions simpler. Dell has responded with a broad range of products and services that deliver this. Whether a large customer is looking to reduce power consumption in their data centre, a rapidly-growing medium-size customer struggling is to scale their IT, or a consumer is looking for an easier way to move data to a new PC, Dell is here to help.

Because Dell has partners (like dcs) across all parts of EC-EMEA, it is well equipped through the deployment of this unique local expertise to meet the needs of customers whatever their size or requirement.

Dell’s goal is to bring the right products and services to a wide range of customers across all business segments throughout EC-EMEA. Building a network of partners who have extensive local knowledge, and are able to use their expertise to deliver Dell-based solutions is a key part of this strategy.

Partnership with Dell provides the backing of one of the largest and most successful IT brands in the world. Dell has developed its Channel Model to ensure that partners have the support that they need to deliver world-class products and services to their customers.

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