To Install, To Host or To Rent The Ghost

Technology brings choices:

  • Invest in a traditional IT infrastructure and install your business applications upon it
  • Rent hosted IT infrastructure and deny the need for internal IT resource
  • Opt for cloud technology where you really can’t see it, touch it, or (in some cases) explain it

Owner managed businesses of today face a very different technological landscape than their predecessors. Today, you have choices about how you deploy and maintain systems, their level of connectivity and how integrated with other business applications they are.

However, is ‘IT’ really that difficult. Let’s look at ‘IT’ another way……

It’s 1989 and you have just fledged the nest. The world is your commercial oyster and you are looking for your first premises to start your business. Do you really want to invest your hard earned cash in a plot of land or building against the risk of your business taking flight? (in IT speak, that’s buying infrastructure) Or, do you find another business that has a few rooms for rent? (that’s hosting). Or, do you sign up with Regus and maybe get a PO box postal address?  (that’s cloud).

We are now in 2019 and the underlying channels of engagement have not changed… just the technology to support it – IT is now far easier than it ever was before.

When you are considering which IT solution is best suited to your unique business requirements it is important that you get all of the information that you need before making a decision. After all, an investment into something like ERP software should be one that is only made once a decade or so. Whichever solution you invest in should be able to grow with your business, not hinder it as your needs change and evolve.

At DCS we work closely with customers to determine exactly what it is that they need from a system and the best way for them to meet their growth aspirations with the help of IT technologies. Come along to our free Reflect & Recharge Workshop on 5th September at the Marriott Hotel, Preston and recharge your growth strategy with expert advice and guidance from DCS and Sage.

Find out more and register your place here.



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