There’s a buzz about Cloud ERP

Reasons to move to the Cloud

At the beginning of 2015 we were named as the Sage 200 Online Business Partner of the Year and it’s fair to say that we were particularly proud of this award. Obviously any recognition of specific expertise is great but this particular gong related to our performance in the Cloud arena and there’s no doubt that with regards to ERP software, and technology in general, that Cloud has been a real game changer.

We take pride in offering our clients, and advising them on, the latest advances in business systems. If a new technology promises benefits to them then we’ll take it upon ourselves to assess these and put proven solutions in front of the businesses we already support and those we hope to in the future.

The image above (click on it to enlarge) illustrates just a few of the reasons why Cloud-based ERP solutions are being considered and ultimately adopted by many forward-thinking SMEs. The overall business agility offered by the Cloud is a huge draw for modern organisations operating in today’s 24/7 mobile environment and benefits include:

– Improved mobile and remote working capabilities
– System scalability
– Predictable monthly costs
– Robust business continuity and disaster recovery
– Outsourcing of the operational burden of maintaining in-house IT

It will never be the case that the Cloud is the best environment for every business and that’s why we’ll always offer different models of deployment for the ERP solutions we specialise in, from traditional on-premise server installations through to full cloud platforms. However, we also know that the cloud is being embraced by the wider business community for good reason and we want to be an expert guide for those clients looking to embark on their own Cloud journey.

You can find out more about the Sage 200 Online and SAP Business One Cloud solutions by clicking on the links below and to further highlight what these platforms can offer business check out the recent In the Clouds with SAP video series here…

Sage 200 Online – The UK’s leading SME ERP solution takes to the Cloud.

SAP Business One Cloud – The power of SAP combines with the business agility of the Cloud.

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