The real deadliest catch – How to tackle the modern phishing threat…

phishing_silhouetteThe concept of phishing is nothing particularly new. As with most things, the dawn of the internet was seized upon almost immediately by those with malicious intent, and phishing was one of the results.

Phishing is basically any attempt to obtain sensitive or confidential information such as user credentials or payment card details by posing as a legitimate entity in an electronic communication.

This will normally take the form of an email but increasingly today can be through any of the numerous instant messaging services, be that standalone or attached to a social network. These communications will draw users to fake websites where the collection of data takes place.

While a well established and recognised malicious data farming technique, phishing is still one of the major forms of web-based crime and is the starting point for criminals to launch any number of fraudulent activities. Indeed, the proliferation of phishing and the amount of illegitimately collected data available now has recently motivated DCS to respond with our Dark Web monitoring service – this being the place where most of this data will end up for sale.

Protecting your business and your people against phishing attempts should therefore be an item at the top of your cyber security to do list. The fact is that your business credentials could be out there available right now and the likelihood is you wouldn’t know it until the breach became apparent through potentially business-ending fraudulent activity.

So, while identifying and resolving breaches that have already happened is without doubt a hugely worthwhile exercise, preventive action should also be a priority. Which obviously leads to the question, how can you best go about tackling this phishing threat head on?

Luckily our partners at Duo have produced a comprehensive eBook focused on the issue, Phishing: A Modern Guide to an Age-Old Problem, which can be downloaded here or by completing the form below:

We work with Duo to implement their market-leading two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions for our clients. These technologies, alongside user education and behavioural training, are some of the most effective measures that can be taken to defend a business against the phishing threat.

For more information about Duo 2FA solutions you can click here or give the team at DCS a call on 0808 168 8922.

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