It’s still Summer as more Sage 200cloud enhancements land…

The new Sage 200cloud regular release strategy continues this month as the solution’s 2018 Summer enhancements are released and this round continues to build on three key system themes – Connected Data; Customer Experience; and Simplicity.

OK, a release in September may be stretching the ‘Summer’ part of the announcement but the enhancements to the system are nonetheless important and part of Sage‘s commitment to deliver continuous improvement to the 200cloud customer base.

Now, there’s always a headline item with any release of this nature and people probably won’t be surprised that this time round it relates to the hot topic of the moment – Making Tax Digital (MTD). This release is the first since Sage confirmed the 200cloud solution would be made MTD-ready ahead of implementation of the govenment’s digital tax scheme next April.

So while the last release (Spring 2018) has been made ready for MTD retrospectively, and an additional chargeable module has also been developed by Sage to allow customer’s to make older system’s compliant, this Summer 2018 release represents the first version of the 200cloud solution to come to market with the functionality ready and available.

At DCS we’ve been proactively engaging with our clients to ensure that they are fully in the picture with regards to MTD and their software’s compliance. If you’ve received email and phone messages on the subject over the last few months but are yet to speak with a member of our team then we really do encourage you to get in contact as soon as possible to discuss your options and make sure that your business is ready.

Away from MTD though, and other highlights within the Summer 2018 enhancements include:

Additional Payment Integrations

Accounts with leading payment providers PayPal and Stripe can now be connected to the 200cloud Pay Now feature which allows your customers to easily pay invoices using their PayPal or Stripe accounts. These transactions will reconcile to the ledger automatically (including transaction fees) which offers huge time savings to users.

GoCardless Preview

Through partnership with GoCardless, Sage 200cloud users can now schedule and collect payments by Direct Debit from within the 200cloud system. Still technically classified as a Preview functionality, there’s loads more enhancements to this integration on the horizon in future releases.

Enhancements to the Sales Order Processing functionality.

Prompts for both suggested items and cross-selling items have been added to the SOP module. This helps deliver users access increased sales opportunities by identifying suggested or cross-selling items at the time the order is placed.

Customer Alerts

Multiple customer specific alerts can now be set up in the system to notify Sage 200cloud users about relevant information for individual customers when their account is accessed. This allows key customer information to be presented to Sage 200cloud users at the point of interaction with the customer and means your people are always have the full picture.

Document Capture

These Summer 2018 Enhancements see Sage 200cloud implement an integral document capture function to the core product’s Purchase module (with no add-on functionality required). Documents can be attached to purchase invoices and credits from scans, emails or file storage and are then viewable within the PO processing module.

Skype Integration

Customers and suppliers can now be contacted using Skype directly from within the Sage 200cloud system. If a Skype for Business contact is added to the account then with one click you can kick off communications.

Google Maps Integration

A new Google Maps integration allows users to view, locate or select a customer address using Google Maps

Spooler Enhancements

The print spooler within the 200cloud system has been made faster and far more usable. Technical improvements behind the scenes take care of speed, while a new filter means users can easily locate items in the spooler by filtering on report name, user, company, status or date range criteria.

For more information on the 200cloud solution, any of the latest enhancements, or to discuss MTD with a consultant, simply get in touch with DCS today.

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