SMBs can take Digital Transformation lead, leapfrogging their larger peers

We don’t always think that SMBs have advantages when it comes to leading the way in digital transformation. Large companies have bigger pockets, meaning more investment in new technologies, they also tend to have larger teams, with whole departments dedicated to things like cyber security.

But one thing that SMBs have that, generally speaking, larger companies don’t, is stronger and more personal relationships, making the transition to a digital company much more fast paced and agile, with more internal support.

The red tape that comes with large budgets and multi levelled organisations often means that implementing new projects can be slow to get off the ground. SMBs have the upper hand here, usually only having one or two key decision makers that can sign off a project relatively quickly.

This executive whitepaper written by Oxford Economics, looks at leadership matters for SMBs.

  • How to make size your advantage
  • Building employee engagement
  • Developing digital leadership

Read the full paper and start to recognise and respond to the challenges associated with Digital Transformation. Download using the form below:

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