Empower your remote workforce and increase productivity with Simplicity eForms

Simplicity eformsThe iPhone (and let’s be honest, for that read ‘the Smartphone’) celebrated it’s tenth birthday earlier this year and this single, and at the time seemingly innocuous, advancement in mobile technology has since had a huge impact on all of our lives.

The ability to be truly connected and to remotely access all the data and communication platforms we could ever need while on the move (previously only possible from a static computer terminal) changed the World forever. As with most major technological shifts, the idea of ever increasing mobility has also become hugely important within the business space and the ability to work remotely or in the field is now seen as essential by many professionals – we know this because we’ve seen it become more and more critical to so many of our clients in recent years.

We’re always looking to deliver and promote technology that meets our clients’ evolving needs and it is with this in mind, alongside the ongoing push for better mobile working, that we’ve recently reviewed the eForms package from our partners at Simplicity for Business. So, what did we think? Well, in short, it’s really rather good!

The product offers an innovative method of capturing handwriting and other methods of natural input, via forms customised specifically for your business, directly into the latest generation of tablet devices, including iPad and Android tablets.

tablet-financeSimplicity eForms  provides the power to automate forms-based business processes at the point of entry. Handwritten information is instantly converted into digital data, validating with your own business rules and seamlessly sending the data to your back end systems either in real time if online or immediately once a connection is established following any offline work.

Simplicity are a Sage business partner and have integrations to Sage 200 available and ready to go, although eForms can work alongside pretty much any business management software on the market.

This solution eliminates paperwork and its related costs, streamlines processes and provides unparalleled productivity improvements, allowing more time to focus on what is really important to your business – building customer relationships and growing revenues.

Simplicity eForms has a wide range of applications and real world use can be found pretty much anywhere a piece of business documentation needs to be completed on the move but, to give you some ideas, the table below details some of the more commonly implemented forms:

In terms of functionality the Simplicity eForms platform allows users to:

  • Use their own, personalised business forms to automate any business process or workflow;
  • Collect data naturally using handwriting, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down option lists, date and time wheels;
  • Capture and annotate photos, make notes, mark-up diagrams, create freehand drawings, record voice memos;
  • Interactive signature capture for enhanced accountability;
  • Capture GPS coordinates to improve operational control;
  • Leverage advanced field features such as calculations, auto fill, and conditional mandatory fields for even greater accuracy;
  • Automatically review forms and get immediate notification if form is incomplete or does not adhere to the business rules;
  • Leverage a highly secure platform with roles-based user access and privileges and multi-level password protection;
  • Send data wherever you need it in standard file formats (PDF, XML, etc);
  • Integrate directly to backend systems
  • Collect and process forms even when wireless and Wi-Fi network services are not available;
  • Print and email forms directly from Simplicity eForms application or email.

That’s a pretty long list of benefits we think you’ll agree but probably the easiest way to demonstrate exactly what Simplicity eForms can offer is to arrange for you to see it in action. If that sounds good to you then get in touch with us to book in a web-based demonstration today!

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