Taking advantage of trickle-down technology with DCS and SAP

blue-techbuttonAs SME technology specialists we’re used to the perception that software solutions pitched at the SME market are inevitably going to be inferior to enterprise-level systems.

It’s expected that systems at the enterprise end of the market will be more feature-rich, have more functionality and will provide a superior user experience in general.

It makes perfect sense, right? These platforms come with a massive price tag and are designed to impress corporations managing hugely complex processes and organisational structures.

More expensive + Made for Big Business = Better… Simple!

Well, in the past this may have been the case, but we’re passionate advocates for modern SME technology solutions, such as SAP Business One, and a big part of this work is now focused around making sure this perception is not perpetuated because, quite simply, it’s now a false one. It’s also dangerous as you’ll find SMEs still accepting an inferior software product and service just because that’s the way things are.

And when you consider the facts about the SME sector in today’s economy there really can be no justification for this with a 29% growth in the number of SMEs trading in the UK over the last decade and 40% of new job creation now attributable to the private SME sector. These businesses are the true engine of the economy.

Thankfully though the time for change has already arrived on the technology front, SMEs can now access truly cutting-edge business management solutions – they just need to know and believe this.

What was it that motivated this shift and, in the process, rendered these previous perceptions false?

question mark seaThere’s a few factors to consider here, from improved consumer awareness through to a shift in strategic focus from software developers, but for us the primary cause can be found in the idea of trickle-down technology.

Trickle-down technology is the process of powerful functionalities and features, that used to be the preserve of big businesses and their systems, being absorbed into what are considered as lower tier solutions.

This is a process that has always been present amongst the solutions range of large software developers like SAP. However it’s one that we’ve observed gradually accelerating over the years to the point where ‘functionality lag’ in SME systems is barely there at all now.

Working with SAP Business One we’re proud to be able to present a cutting-edge business management solution to the SMEs we work with. One that is tailored to their needs while being priced with an SME budget and cost effectiveness in mind.

Cloud-based and connected solutions; SAP’s HANA in-memory database platform; Fully-integrated systems managing processes across the organisation; Seamless mobility; and real-time management information providing one view of the truth across the business to support critical decision-making. These are all technologies delivered to organisations by SAP Business One.

And why would SAP facilitate this rapid trickle-down of their latest technologies?

Well, it’s accepted that business process requirements may be very different when comparing big business to SMEs, but the underlying technology required to make each type of solution work is not. There is no commercial benefit to SAP of throttling back their SME systems from a technology or functionality point of view – instead it is using the same technology to create a perfect fit system for these different types of business.

In this sense business technology providers have moved on. They’ve had their epiphany and instant trickle-down technology was the result.

Maybe it’s now time for your business to have it’s own moment of realisation and look to take advantage of this huge opportunity for the SME sector. Today, digital transformation is high on the agenda of most businesses, and the success of your own strategy relies on your business capitalising on the newest technologies designed to support this.

Speak to us about how to do just this with SAP Business One delivered by an expert partner.

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