Next Please at the SAP Customer Checkout

sap customer checkoutThe latest integration to SAP Business One that we’re getting pretty excited about here at DCS, thanks to the opportunity it offers to our clients involved in any kind of retail, is the SAP Customer Checkout.

This world-class POS solution from SAP has been designed exclusively for small to medium-sized retailers accommodating up to 200 tills or terminals and, as we mentioned, it’s a system that integrates effortlessly into SAP Business One.

The SAP Customer Checkout provides retailers with all of the tools required to manage key front-end and back-end activities in a single solution. The platform simplifies stock and financial processes and allows you to pool all your information in a single location.

With 3 modes to cover functionality specific to retail, kiosk and hospitality as well as the ability to take payments through a variety of means, SAP Customer Checkout streamlines POS for businesses operating either via terminals (the solution is compatible and can be installed on nearly all standard cash register infrastructures) or hand-held tablet PCs.

Download the SAP Customer Checkout with Business One Solution Brief below…

The power of a POS system like SAP Customer Checkout can truly be realised when it is integrated to a business’s ERP platform and the seamless integration between Customer Checkout and Business One provides some huge business advantages.

By introducing a real-time link between the organisation’s POS and ERP systems, data from the till is available in the organisation’s central management systems immediately, ready to be reported on, analysed and the necessary actions taken to boost sales and ensure the continued smooth operation of the retail function.

This seamless exchange of data works both ways as well as a business’s sales function can be kept fully informed and has the ability to interrogate the ERP system for the data they require to complete sales and maximise their efficiency.

For more information about SAP Customer Checkout and its integration potential with SAP Business One, get in touch with the SAP experts at DCS Solutions today.

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