SAP Business One roadmap- planned innovations


The SAP Business One road-map focuses on improving ease of use and utilising the cloud for operations. With a multitude of enhanced features and functionality planned in, there will be more ways for users to extend and integrate across their organisation, delivering unprecedented value.

The planned innovations can be summed up in 8 key areas:


Based on market feedback, developments will be made to the core functionality. These developments include enhancements on existing functions, as well as brand new functions such as:

  • Completed and new localisations
  • Refined features, with a focus on CRM and retail/wholesale
  • Support of cutting edge technology such as SAP HANA 2.0, machine learning and IoT
  • New analytics capabilities


To help businesses run worldwide, SAP Business One plans on localisation enhancements in the form of an increased number of supported languages, harmonised functions across localisation and new localisation for the Middle East.

They also plan to ensure that users meet their legal obligations in areas such as accounting, tax, invoicing and reporting.

Analytics and reporting

The ability to make faster, better-informed business decisions is something that all organisations should strive to achieve. SAP Business One allows users to do just this, with the ability to create meaningful business reports and accelerate decision-making.

For customers using SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, you can expect to see better real-time visibility and deeper analytics scenarios, based on pervasive analytics. As well as this, you will experience new functions such as demand planning and payment/invoice auto-matching.


Drive ecosystem growth and reduce the cost of development with the new extensibility innovations.

SAP Business One is the best basis to fully integrate solutions, both horizontally and vertically.

The upcoming versions of SAP Business One allow you to extend to intelligence such as analytics APIs, and intelligence API services which leverage machine learning capabilities in SAP Cloud Platform. They also enable the cloud transformation by aligning with SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform API Management, SAP Build, SAP Web IDE and SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors.

Integration framework and intercompany add-on

Straightforward, and extremely flexible capabilities, are key pillars of the framework for SAP Business One – a state of the art business platform that ensures integration, with little or no effort, to other SAP and third-party applications.

New integration scenarios or templates are due to be added for things such as:

  • IoT use cases
  • CRM/service extension via Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp, and sales via Amazon and eBay
  • Overhaul of the existing scenarios for SAP Ariba solutions and SAP S/4HANA
  • RMA enhancements such as barcode scan
  • Exchange-rate import

The inter-company integration solution for SAP Business One harmonises the system across SAP Business One databases, as well as drastically reducing total operating costs and optimising business processes beyond countries or legal entities.

Web Client

This new planned function is something that will make life much easier for users… the ability to access the integrated business management functionality at any time, from any device that has a web browser.
The web-based client will be designed on SAP Fiori and SAPUI5, supporting SAP HANA only.
Planned coverage includes:

  • Login and home-page screen
  • Sales quotation and order
  • Customers and item
  • Calendar and activity
  • Item catalogue
  • Delivery and return
  • Sales analytics and reports

Mobile apps for the enterprise

Mobilise your workforce and increase productivity with a new service app for Android phones.

Revisions of the SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android will include additional functions and continuous maintenance.


With a number of offerings for cloud deployment, that are constantly being developed and improved, now is a great time to embrace technology that scales with your business and provides you with a competitive advantage.

There are two options here – SAP Business One Cloud, SAP-hosted, or SAP Business One Cloud, partner hosted. Both have their benefits, which can be explained in further detail by a member of our team should you be interested in finding out more.

Although the above features are the current state of planning, and could yet be changed by SAP, the multitude of planned innovations are very exciting, and look to address a number or requirements of the modern enterprise!

To find out more about SAP Business One, and how it can help to transform your business, contact us.



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