Why you should be considering SAP Business One HANA as your next business system

i-love-sap-hanaWe’ve focused on the rise of the SAP HANA in-memory database platform in our news and blog pages quite a bit recently, from an analysis of its commercial success to this point to the recent announcement of the release of SAP HANA 2, but what does this technology offer you? Why exactly should you be considering SAP Business One HANA as the solution to your critical business system requirements?

The selection and implementation of any new business system can be a stressful process, seemingly fraught with peril for those tasked with carrying it out. However, with the right partner that takes the time to understand your requirements, along with technology that sits at the cutting edge of  business software, we don’t believe it has to be this way.

ISAP HANA 2 focusn a recent blog article we highlighted some of the misconceptions smaller businesses often have about SAP, its solutions and partners. In particular the notion that the products and the organisations that provide them are simply too big for SMEs, a misconception that we wok tirelessly to dispel. We also explored our approach to SAP consultancy, Business One implementation and general partnership, an approach that we believe gives us a unique proposition as SAP partners for UK small business.

So, if dcs can put a tick in the box next to “the right partner”, why then is SAP Business One Version for HANA a system that merits your attention as potentially your next critical business management solution? We think this particular question can be broken down in to 3 key reasons:

A comprehensive SME management solution

Small businesses have been oft-neglected by developers and providers in the past when it comes to management software that can offer a truly integrated approach. The evidence of this can be found in most of the businesses we visit and work with where at first we’ll find a disparate mix of disconnected systems handling different functions within the organisation.

SAP Business One has grown from relatively humble beginnings when launched in 2003 to the point today where it represents a hugely comprehensive business application. With functionality extending across finance, logistics, commercials, operations and CRM you really can run your business from within one system. Of course, to back this up and really get the solution singing the in-memory database technology offered by HANA compliments Business One and allows your business to maximise its benefits. Bringing us nicely on to…

Robust Technology Platform and Product Roadmap

SAP Business One Version for HANA can be seen as an evolution in the Business One product anyway with its release in 2011 alongside the already established SQL-based product heralding the next stage in SAP’s roadmap for the solution.

SAP has achieved its position as a global technology leader through detailed assessment of consumer needs and trends before producing and delivering on clear development plans for its software solutions.  This is no less true with SAP Business One and by introducing the HANA in-memory database platform to the overall architecture a stable and scalable foundation has been put in place for further expansion of the system.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

The amount of data being handled by business software applications, and the amount of data produced in general, continues to grow exponentially in this Big Data economy. At the same time businesses and their management are increasingly expected to be able to analyse situations and make big decisions almost immediately.

These two factors are what has brought the subject of Business Intelligence to the forefront of most technology discussions today. SAP Business One Version for HANA utilises in-memory technology to deliver a solution that can analyse huge amounts of data at, frankly, mind-boggling speed. HANA enables you to assess a situation and make informed decisions based on fact in real time – as you unlock new insights and accelerate your business’s performance as a result, the true value of HANA soon becomes clear.

For more information on how SAP Business One Version for HANA could supercharge your business give us a call or drop us a message today.


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