SAP Business One 9.2 highlights

SAP Business One 9.2 logoThis year is set to see the release of SAP Business One 9.2 and here at dcs our product specialists and consultants have already started familiarising themselves

As well as the experts in our consultancy team reviewing it, we mere mortals recently grabbed a sneak preview of this latest version from our partners at SAP and explored exactly what it brings to the market-leading SME business management solution.

We thought it only right then that we share some of the highlights of what’s to come so read on for more:

SAP Business One 9.2 Administration Features:Quick Copy in Business One 9.2

  • Extension of input length within various key fields including item numbers and catalogue numbers for both business partners and manufacturing. This will allow for a greater range of naming conventions and increased flexibility to distinguish similar products by attributes such as size, colour etc.
  • Quick copy feature improved and expanded to support more objects meaning it’s now simple to copy or update items such as group authorizations and forecasts.
  • The management of data ownership has now been extended to business partner level meaning that access and visibility of BP data and BP-Owned documents can be restricted. This provides yet another layer of authorization and strengthens the protection of company information from data theft.

SAP Business One 9.2 Financial Features:

  • Business One 9.2 Chart of AccountsChart of Accounts (CoA) can now be structured to include up to 10 levels with all levels being available for posting meaning even greater flexibility to build a CoA according to your business needs.
  • Large quantities of fixed assets sharing the same properties can now be processed quickly and efficiently with the automatic creation of fixed assets equivalent to the number of items in an A/P invoice.
  • New authorizations added for even better control of cheques for payment and protection against fraudulent activity related to outgoing cheques.

SAP Business One 9.2 Sales, Purchase & Service Features:

  • Campaigns can now be created for vendors and saved campaigns can be run repeatedly without having to create a new version. This allows better communication with vendors and several can be tendered at the same time for specific product requirements.
  • An extended service module means vendors can now be supported for service calls, service contracts and customer equipment cards. A new business partner tab allows relevant BP information to be captured against service calls without updating the BP master data.

SAP Business One 9.2 Business Intelligence Features:SAP Business One Intelligent Report Designer

  • Additional modules, dashboards and predefined KPIs have been added to allow the better analysis of business data.
  • The Analytics Designer has been improved to offer more options and flexibility to analyse data and build better dashboards. Legend colour schemes allow you to display more data series in a single graph, a new time slider function provides a clearer view of trends and an expanded number of calculation types are now supported.
  •  A new Interactive Analysis Report Designer built as a plugin to MS Excel is available allowing users to leverage the power of Excel in designing reports and manipulating data.
  • Intelligent Forecast feature added which allows for forecasting using built in models that incorporate trends and seasonal factors. SAP Business One can even automatically select the best algorithm for you!

SAP Business One 9.2 Inventory & Distribution Features:

  • The new Price Update Wizard allows the systematic update of item prices into price lists and the mass conversion of prices into different currencies.
  • Bin locations can now be restricted according to the unit of measure of items stored in the bin. This allows the system to offer the available restricted bin locations only when posting goods receipts.
  • Improved Pick & Pack Manager introduces a new field called “Type” which defines items and/or resources. Selected resources/items can be issued for or received from production creating an effective one stop shop for handling production orders in a basic production environment.

So, there we have it, quite a bit to digest and we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s some powerful new features set to make their debut with the introduction of this latest version.

That’s not all though, for the entire new features run down which also includes details on new Production & MRP features as well as details on technical changes to the platform and accessibility options be sure to download the full Release Highlights document by filling in your details on the left.

For more information about SAP Business One 9.2 and what the solution could bring to your business get in touch today to arrange your free consultation with one of our product specialists.

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