SAP Business One reaches 60,000th customer milestone

sap business one milestoneThis month saw SAP, its Business One SME software product and its global network of solution specialist partners (including little old us here at DCS) reach a major milestone. This is because May 2018 saw SAP Business One win its 60,000th customer, a landmark that further reinforces the solution’s position as the leading global SME-specific business management software package.

It’s also a pretty astounding figure just within the world of SAP as well, because this achievement makes SAP Business One the best-selling ERP offering within the SAP solution portfolio when judged by number of customers. Pretty impressive for a solution from a global software provider that can often be regarded as being focused on big business.

Some quick stats related to this milestone for SAP Business One include:

1) Over one million end users from more than 60,000 SMEs across 170 countries use the solution every day.

2) SAP Business One contributes at least half of all new customer acquisitions for SAP in the SME space with over 1,000 new customers added each quarter.

3) SAP Business One continues impressive levels of growth as its reach extends thanks to over 500 industry-specific add-on solutions delivered through 300 software partners.

We think Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation, hit the nail on the head when he summed up the achievement:

“We have a hands-down winner with SAP Business One. The positive feedback from the market validates SAP Business One as exactly the type of solution that small and midsize businesses want: It is easy to implement and offers end-to-end functionality that is tightly integrated between different business functions while enabling access to a comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific solutions. As a strategic differentiator for small and midsize businesses across the world, SAP Business One is an important vehicle that brings to them the power of the intelligent ERP.”

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