Let’s compare Sage Business Cloud Financials & Sage 200cloud

SBizCloud-tabletThe recent expansion of DCS’s Sage cloud solution portfolio to include the Salesforce-based Business Cloud Financials has prompted a lot of interest amongst clients and several enquiries in relation to this new Sage cloud product.

One of the questions we’ve found ourselves fielding regularly is how the solution compares to our existing Sage 200cloud offering and how the two sit alongside each other now within our range of business software.

Well, we’ve already touched on one of the major differences between the two products when we mentioned the Salesforce platform that Sage Business Cloud Financials is built on. While 200cloud can be regarded as a “cloud connected” product with its Office365 integration, Financials can be regarded as Sage’s first true cloud financial solution with it being built on and entirely native to the Salesforce cloud.

This platform and development environment is also what provides another key difference and something that could be viewed as a particular strength of the Sage Financials product. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce cloud, the Financials product can sit alongside and integrate with one of the leading CRM solutions globally. So, with Salesforce taking care of that side of things, Sage can really bring to bear their knowledge and experience in finance and accounting software to create a comprehensive and powerful cloud-based business management solution.

This all sounds pretty impressive we’ll sure you’ll agree but what we will stop short of saying is that Sage Financials is really a replacement for Sage 200cloud at all. The reality is that, having had time now to settle the product in to our range of solutions, we can now say the differences between Sage Business Cloud FInancials and Sage 200cloud mean that the question over which is the most appropriate solution will always come down to the requirements of the client.

Here are some key comparisons for you to digest and to illustrate this exact point:


For more information on both of these market-leading Sage business management solutions get in touch with DCs today.

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