Sage 200cloud Spring Enhancements 2019

Sage 200cloud Spring 2019 enhancements are now available for all Standard, Sage for Education and Professional variants.

Keeping in line with the three key themes of Sage 200cloud – Connected data, Customer experience and Simplicity, the new enhancements aim to help users become more productive and efficient with their ways of working.

The key highlights include:

  • Power BI – Allowing you to bring together multiple data sources and present your data in engaging and flexible dashboards
  • Microsoft Flow – Your tool for digitising workflows and standardising best practices across your organisation
  • Import Improvements – Speed up data entry and data update with new ability and performance enhancements
  • Usability – Reprint supplier remittance

Alongside these highlights there have been some other useful updates that reduce data entry time, enhance security and improve processes. A full overview of the new features and benefits in Sage 200cloud is listed below:

Power BI

  • A simple connection to Sage 200cloud data

Benefit – Powerful analytics tool that brings together multiple data sources without needing to be an expert.

Import Enhancements

  • Make simple changes to existing data within Excel and re-import quickly and easily
  • Export and update nominal accounts, customers, suppliers and stock items
  • Make bulk amendments by exporting Sage 200 data to make the necessary changes

Benefit Reduce data entry time and easily update your records

Enhanced Security

  • Control user access to the supplier bank details by restricting based on the assigned user rights

Benefit – Enhanced security for businesses

Reprint Remittance

  • Optional storage for supplier remittances allowing simple recall
  • Document storage includes OneDrive and DropBox

Benefit – Reducing admin by quickly identifying relevant paid invoices and provide a clear payment audit trail when necessary

Open/Close Accounting Periods

  • Quickly and simply close and open periods for all ledgers

Benefit – Improves period end processing time and processes

You can read more about the full Sage 200cloud Roadmap here or access the Roadmap readout here.

If you’d like to find out more about upgrading your existing Sage platform, or you want to know how DCS can help you to migrate your current system over to Sage 200cloud, contact us today to learn more.



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