Sage 200 CRM from dcs – A new era

Sage 200 CRM software illustrationSage 200 CRM is a hot topic right now at dcs Solutions and sits at the centre of our current drive to help our clients get the most from their Sage 200 business solution.

We’ve always understood the power of customer relationship management (CRM) software to improve business processes, fuel sales and galvanize an organisation’s people in delivering the best levels of service to its clients.

However, we believe the business-critical nature of CRM software is still ever increasing today and this, along with some key Sage 200 CRM product developments, has prompted an exciting new dawn here at dcs.

As part of our continued growth as a leading Sage business partner we are pleased to announce the strengthening of our CRM team with the addition of two new specialist Sage CRM consultants. This further expands our capability to assist our valued clients in getting the most from the integrated CRM platform delivered as part of the overall Sage 200 solution.

Green button CRM seminar sign up

As mentioned, this exciting announcement coincides with the upcoming release of major technical improvements to the integrated Sage CRM platform which make us even more confident that our own levels of service will be matched by the strength of the Sage 200 CRM (or in it’s new connected guise – Sage 200 Sales, Marketing and Service) solution we provide.

A brand new connector between the core Sage 200 solution and the integrated Sage CRM system promises complete and real time interconnectedness between the two environments. This means that all business information is aligned and no team members or departments will see different data from the next – finally the utopia of achieving one true view of a business and its data can be a reality.

This new connector also brings with it the benefit of full version independence when it comes to your core Sage 200 software and the CRM application. Previously any upgrades or system developments to either Sage 200 or CRM have had to be approached with caution due to the potential negative impacts work on one system area could have on the other and general compatibility. However, this new version independence now ensures that Sage 200 CRM can be deployed with far more flexibility and scope for bespoke development plus the hassle of dual upgrades is no longer an issue.

As hinted at earlier in this blog piece, this new level of integration to the Sage 200 core will also see the connected CRM solution take on a new identity as the Sage 200 Sales, Marketing and Service module.

We hope you’ll agree then that this represents exciting times for the market-leading Sage 200 solution that we specialise in delivering and supporting.

To welcome in this new era for Sage 200 CRM we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting client seminars in both Manchester (Tuesday 19th April) and London (Thursday 21st April). In conjunction with our partners at Sage we’ll provide a focus on exactly what the revamped solution can offer your business. Click here for more information and to register for your place today!

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