We introduce Sage 200 Sales, Marketing & Service – The new “connected” CRM

Sage CRM Seminar Presentation

dcs clients get the low down on Sage 200 Sales, Service & Marketing

Last week we welcomed in an exciting new era for the fully-integrated Sage 200 CRM solution with a special seminar event aimed at highlighting its significant business benefits to our valued clients.

Thanks to a redeveloped “connector” sitting between the two systems there is now an even tighter integration between Sage 200 and the Sage CRM platform. It brings the two systems together to the point where they can be truly regarded as a single business management solution.

To emphasise the holistic nature of the overall system, integrated Sage CRM has now been brought in to the Sage 200 product family as the Sage 200 Sales, Marketing and Service modules. This completes Sage 200’s positioning as a comprehensive modular ERP solution for modern SMEs.

Don’t worry though, if you couldn’t make it the event we thought it was a good idea to provide an overview of the key points here and let you know how to find out more.

What is Sales, Marketing & Service for Sage 200?

CRM Sales, Marketing and Service modulesThe Sage 200 core platform is an essential part of your overall business management system handling the day to day Finance, Commercial and BI requirements of your organisation.

Sage 200 picks up at the point of sale so effectively dealing with transactions from quote through to receipt but what happens either side?

The Sage 200 Sales, Marketing & Service modules represent the essential bookends that support the main financial system through both pre- & post-sale activities.

CRM delivers one version of the truth across your business – An accurate view across all departments of all touchpoints and essential customer data is provided to the customer facing teams.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? It gets even better because customers using the on premise installed Sage 200 Extra solution already have Sales, Marketing & Service as part of their platform licence!

What is the significance of the new “connector”?

The newly developed “connector” sits at the core of the of the new Sage 200 solution and is what provides the levels of integration which male this product a holistic business management system. In short, it delivers:

  • Version Independence – while more closely integrated than ever the Sage 200 and CRM elements of the system have become less dependent on each other in terms of the installed versions and compatibility of the applications. In practical terms this means that one system can be updated in isolation from the other without any of the problems previously encountered.
  • A system providing real-time data across the environment rather than relying on sync processes to keep data consistent.
  • The creation of campaigns-based financial data.
  • A mobile-friendly platform.
  • Fast, easy to produce quotes/orders on-the-fly.
  • Simpler and quicker to setup and implement resulting in lower project costs.
  • Financial Dashboards available within the Sales, Marketing & Service environment.
  • Slick Sage 200 form launching within the Sales, Marketing & Service environment.

Sage 200 CRM benefitsWhat are the benefits to you of Sage 200 Sales, Marketing & Service?

  • Increased sales and marketing revenue through focused sales management and campaign management.
  • With accurate information across the business (front and back office) business managers can be confident that they are acting on data they can trust at all times – one version of the truth.
  • Business-wide visibility enables managers to make informed decisions, take corrective action and grow their business effectively.
  • Enhances customer service by providing companies with the tools they need to manage their customers and prospects efficiently, driving customer loyalty and retention.

So, how can you benefit?

Well, this is the best bit because as we mentioned earlier, if you are a Sage 200 Extra user (excluding Online clients) then you already have access to the software as part of your platform licence. This makes things really simple – if you want to access all the benefits of integrated CRM get in touch with us today and begin the roll out of Sage 200 Sales, Marketing & Service at your business.

For more information about the power of CRM and what it could do for your business why not download the Ultimate Guide to CRM ebook by completing the form below.


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