The Power of Projects in Sage 200cloud

project-white-boardIf your business works with projects then you’ll know all about the specific requirements organisations that work on this model have when it comes to their core management systems. Luckily for these businesses we’re able to offer the perfect solution in the shape of Sage 200 and its Project Accounting module.

Sage 200 Project Accounting can be adjusted to suit the needs of businesses requiring simple or detailed costing and analysis structures. It provides you with in-depth analysis and reporting features to make sure your projects remain on target and profit levels are maintained.

The Sage 200cloud Project Accounting module can be used by any business that provides a service and enters into project-based work with clients. In fact, any business that needs to improve project profits and performance and wants visibility into the actual time and expenses of a project as it progresses can benefit from Project Accounting in Sage 200.

At DCS our expert team of Sage consultants understand these specialist requirements and have considerable expertise in implementing solutions built around Sage 200 and its powerful Project Accounting module.

The latest version of Sage’s market-leading mid-market solution, Sage 200cloud, builds on this and to highlight the power of the Project Accounting module and the benefits it could deliver to your business we’ve developed an exclusive white paper, The Power of Projects – An Introduction to Sage 200cloud Project Accounting, which you can download by completing the form below:

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