Enhancing working processes with technology

Technology is great, it helps us in all aspects of our lives, from online banking to wearable devices that track our fitness and exercise levels. The ways in which it can enhance working processes in a business sense are limitless. Some systems, such as Sage 200cloud, bring with them a wealth of benefits when we’re talking about digital technology, and should be considered by any SME that is serious about maintaining their competitive edge and growing their business.

 Achieving Consistency

Everybody has their own way of working, their own way of doing something and their own way of getting a job done. This is fine in some cases like organising a filing cabinet or writing an article…different styles and preferences are actually beneficial in these cases, and work for the desired outcome. But when it comes to standardisation of certain processes across an organisation, it is often crucial that they be replicated exactly, each and every time.

Far too often we hear of processes being documented on paper, or even just being known by a single person within an organisation. When that crucial piece of paper explaining how a process should be carried out is misplaced, damaged, or even worse destroyed, then the process could lose consistency as it falls on people to piece it together and rerecord the process. This isn’t saying that it isn’t possible, but it is a time-consuming exercise that is extremely open to human error.

Maintaining quality by digitising processes

Best practices should be digitised and rolled out across the organisation. Not only does this ensure that people are working efficiently, it also means that the same output from a task can be achieved, giving consistency. This is especially important when we think about manufacturing processes. Manufacturers want their final products to always look, feel, taste and smell the same otherwise they’re tackling quality issues. Maintaining consistency is also important with anything that involves directly dealing with customers. For instance, next day delivery service for customers is great, but the standard must be equally met for each customer otherwise customer satisfaction could be compromised, and your brand and reputation could be damaged. All customers should get the same high-quality products and services in order to sustain business success.

How can technology help?

By implementing an ERP system such as Sage 200cloud, you are bringing together the various departments in your organisation and digitising multiple processes that happen on a daily basis.

  • Full control of inventory management – Including batch and serial traceability, stock management, purchase order processing and stock order processing
  • Bill of Materials – Monitor, control and cost your manufacturing processes to simplify complex processes and analysis
  • Project accounting – Gives you a single view of all your projects, project costs, overheads and progress
  • Integration of Office 365 with Sage 200cloud – Your finance teams can work with your service teams out in the field in real-time, giving them access to customer account information whilst they’re on the go

Consultative approach

At DCS we take a consultative approach when working with our customers. We work closely with them to identify the current challenges they’re facing, their future goals, and then we look at what solutions will work best for them to achieve this.

If you’d like to know more about Sage 200cloud and how it can help you to grow your business and work more efficiently, contact us to book your free consultation.




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