Draycir release Spindle PayThem

At dcs we’re proud to have partnered with industry-leading developers and providers in order to deliver the best business solutions possible to our clients. It’s always nice then when two of these partners join forces to deliver something new and exciting.

This was the case recently when Draycir and Sage Pay announced they have teamed up to build even further on the capabilities of Draycir’s Spindle Professional document distribution solution – a product many of our clients use alongside Sage 200 already and probably couldn’t do without.

Spindle Professional electronically delivers invoices in your company format from Sage 200 to their intended email destination with minimal fuss. Now with Spindle PayThem functionality you can add a ‘Pay Now’ button to those outgoing invoices which then allows your customers to pay instantly and securely via Sage Pay.

Spindle PayThem

Once directed to the Sage Pay portal to make the payment the Spindle PayThem functionality doesn’t just deliver speed and convenience for you, your customers will enjoy this too with payment forms being pre-populated with the transaction details.

The resulting process is effortless, slick and efficient. Spindle PayThem not only builds on the Sage 200 solution by giving your people another tool with which to do their job even better but also makes your customer’s lives easier by providing a quicker, simpler way to pay; reinforces your company branding and projects a professional modern image; and most importantly makes sure that your business gets paid quicker.

Even better, if you’re an existing Spindle Professional user with version 6.13 onwards and an active support contract, you can access this functionality now. If you’re not and you like the sound of the Spindle PayThem solution get in touch with us for more information on how to take advantage today.

Make sure you stay tuned for more as well because the imminent release of Spindle Reconciler in January 2016 looks set to push efficiency levels even further when employed alongside PayThem. Reconciler will ensure that when the transaction is complete, the invoice payment is automatically reconciled back to Sage 200, saving time and helping to eliminate errors. The system will also allow payments to be reconciled manually back against the transaction or account.

We’ll bring you all the information you need on Spindle Reconciler in the New Year.

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