Don’t close your eyes. It’s time to be aware. Know the threats.

In recent weeks I have spoken with clients and prospective clients who have been subjected to attack by cyber criminals.  Cyber-attacks on SMEs are becoming more common and more sophisticated.  In some cases, the attacks were successful and there was resulting business interruption from system downtime and data-loss from ransomware encrypting critical business files.

A recent investigation by Harvard Business Review identified 4 flaws within many businesses:

1) Cyber risk disclosure continues to be inadequate, meaning many breaches may go unnoticed or unreported

2) Cost cutting can inadvertently trigger a cyber breach

3) Without proper control, systemic cyber risk is building

4) Many businesses continue to be unprepared or unqualified to deal with cyber risk. (2019) The Marriott Breach Shows Just How Inadequate Cyber Risk Disclosures Are. Read the full story here.

Find out how to give your business better odds.

SonicWall Threat Report cover

Over the next 6 months DCS Solutions will host a series of digestible webinars, downloads and presentations presented by security experts in association with our partners to give you greater insight to help keep your business safe.  Be aware of the growing risks and act to prevent or minimise disruption to your business.

Our first download is SonicWall’s threat report for Europe, they collect data from over 1m global sensors to provide one of the most comprehensive threat reports available.   To register your interest and get a copy of the 2019 threat report, simply complete the form below.

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