Developing a business growth strategy

One thing that all organisations have in common is the desire to be successful and drive growth. To do this there are a few factors that need to be assessed if you are to develop a feasible business growth strategy.


Your people are your most important asset when it comes to whether your business is a success. When we are looking at a growth strategy it is important that all your people are on-board with your plans and are willing to rally behind to make it work.

people workplace growth strategyWithout the support of your people, and indeed senior members of your organisation, you won’t have the enthusiasm and willingness to change/adapt current ways of working. This is especially true when you are introducing new systems that incorporate mobility and automation, simply because some people don’t like change. Working with your team to ensure everyone knows the reasons why you are changing the ways of working, and the benefits that it will bring for everyone is the first step you should be taking when looking at a growth strategy.


“This is the way we’ve always done it though” is something that we hear a lot. If a process has been working for you enough to get your business to where it is then that’s great, but there is always room for improvement. In the fast-paced world of SMEs it’s imperative that you are looking at your processes to identify any areas that can be optimised, whether this be reducing paper-based admin tasks, or reducing the likeliness for human error.

Competitor analysis

What are other people doing well and how are they doing it? Learnings from key industry players are important as they have often taken the initial risk and used their time and budgets to iron out any kinks in their systems/processes.

If you are unsure of whether something is right for you then you should always carry out research and speak with expert advisors. There are a multitude of case studies online, and any reputable consultant will give you a free initial consultation that should answer some, if not all, of your concerns.


Having all of the above in order is a great starting point. But if you don’t have the right technology in place to execute your strategy, and most importantly support your ongoing growth plans, then you really are just firefighting issues. Having a system to enable cross departmental collaboration, improve business efficiencies and drive business growth is at the heart of your growth strategy and, as such, shouldn’t be a decision that is rushed in to.

Sage 200cloud screens

Sage 200cloud is a perfect example of what technology can do when it is used as part of a growth strategy. Having a

single system to manage finances, customers and end-to-end supply chain allows you to get quick business insights as and when you need them. As it is such a well-recognised and established software there are also a multitude of partner add-ons that have been specifically developed for Sage 200cloud; including industry specific solutions.

Join us for a free half day workshop, in collaboration with Sage, to reflect on your current ways of working and recharge your growth strategy. You will hear from expert speakers from DCS, Sage, Sicon and Draycir, and have the opportunity to ask questions specifically related to your business.

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