DCS explain how big data can be made accessible for SMEs at Insider Round Table

As lead sponsor of a recent Insider Round Table discussion, DCS headed up a discussion with leaders from a varied mix of SME businesses in the region to understand the business challenges they face when making plans for growth.

With an emphasis on big data analytics, the discussion was framed around the value of data; how insight into a company’s performance and accessibility of technology can facilitate growth.

Business development consultant from DCS, Adam Rawlins, was joined by business leaders from Debonair Languages, DCM surfaces, Packaging Automation, and Air Pure along with Founder and Chairman of the Manufacturing Alliance, Garry Sheader. Also, part of the discussion was Inventya – an organisation dedicated to supporting SMEs with scale up funding for technology and new innovations.

Simon Kegan, Editor of insider magazine, kicked off the discussion with a question around the accessibility and importance of Big Data for SME businesses who have serious growth ambitions and potential.

Adam Rawlins responded by highlighting the value of Big Data analytics in decision making especially for SME businesses who are often running different software platforms for each of their departments. He said: “One of the problems we find is that some businesses don’t have complete visibility of their entire performance and operations and this is usually because they have multiple software systems which are not integrated and don’t talk to each other, leaving lots of unknowns and often uncertainty.”

After the round table discussion, Adam commented: “At DCS we are encouraging SMEs to understand more about their company, by embracing data and implementing processes where decisions are supported by accurate system data.

With technology such as SAP Business One, an ERP system specifically developed for SMEs, business leaders can access real time data, from one centralised platform to inform them on a range of performance factors including sales history, production throughput, rejects,, stock levels, customer buying patterns, profitability etc.

“We understand the challenges SMEs face with investment and disruption to their day to day businesses. Through our experience we have developed a very effective personalised, consultative approach for each business we work with, making sure we understand their company completely before we work with them to ensure they have a solution which works for them and helps achieve the identified business goals.

Read the full story in the July edition of Insider Magazine.

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