DCS Backup service launches

blue-servers-rackWhen business is driven by data, backup and recovery is key.

You don’t need to follow tech news, and the news in general, too closely in order to realise that IT failures and malicious cyber attacks are gaining ever-increasing attention and mean big trouble for business.

An IT disaster can strike at any time so preparation is key. An effective backup and recovery solution is therefore critical to protect your business and ensure business continuity.

This is why we’ve introduced a new DCS Backup service to ensure our clients don’t fall victim to any such disaster. DCS Backup is a range of backup offerings tailored to suit your business and technical requirements.

DCS Backup protects your servers and workstations, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure in a world-class data-centre based inside the UK. Having your data backed up and held within the UK assists with your GDPR responsibilities and can help protect you from ransomware attacks. The service is fully managed, meaning that we monitor the success of your backups and take action if we identify problems.

Time required to deploy the solution can be from as little as half a day and pricing is based on usage with no upfront capital costs. Combined this means DCS Backup represents a hugely affordable way to access an enterprise-grade backup solution and achieve peace of mind. We don’t believe it should cost the Earth just to keep your business, its data and your customers secure.

There’ll be loads more information on the service – the result of recent painstaking specification and development – appearing on this site over the coming weeks and months but if you want to find out more about how your business could benefit right away then the solution is fully available now.

All you need is an internet connection. And even if that’s causing you headaches we can help there too – as a leading provider of wholesale business-to-business internet connections we can often provide a higher level of service at a lower cost than retail providers.

Call us today for your free 15-minute backup consultation to determine where you need protection and to find a perfect-fit solution for your business.

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