Keeping your data secure from the dark web with dark web monitoring

Cyber security… it’s a focus point in most business strategies, and if it currently isn’t for you, then it really should be, with almost half of UK businesses experiencing a cyberattack or security breach in 2018.

The growing threat of cyber attacks means that many organisations are now looking to implement more long-term measures to keep their data secure. But what does this entail, and how do you go about maintaining best practices? A key step… dark web monitoring.

How are scammers stealing data?

hacker-cyber-securityThe ways in which people lose their data is not as straight forward as it once was. Previously, companies assumed that any sensitive data could only be stolen by a highly skilled hacker, sat at a laptop, frantically trying to get past their firewalls etc, but the reality isn’t always as high tech as this.

The most common security breach comes from fraudulent emails (phishing emails), where scammers pose as a reputable company and get you to click on a link to ‘verify your details’. The tell-tale signs of a phishing email include:

  • Sent outside of office hours
  • Strange looking email address
  • Asking you to click a link to verify/change your password or other sensitive information

Once this information has been stolen, it is often sold on the dark web – which is essentially a warehouse for stolen information.

Dark web

It’s as malicious as it sounds… a dark place on the internet where criminals conduct their activity.

By using cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin, and using the tor encrypted tool, users can trade digital credentials that could cripple your company if they fell into the wrong hands.

The websites on the dark web are hosted on an encrypted network, with IP addresses being bounced through several layers of encryption to make it near impossible to track the end user. It’s for this reason that scammers turn to the dark web to sell credentials such as usernames and passwords.

Protecting your organisations data integrity

dark-web-hoodieSo, how do you know if your organisation is at risk? Well, through our dark web monitoring solution, DCS can alert you to any compromised credentials, allowing you to act accordingly before too much damage is done. Scanning over 60,000 sites on the dark web, in real-time, the sophisticated system notifies you immediately when critical assets have been compromised.

By understanding your risks, and remedying any current threats, you limit the possibility of a devastating cyber attack.

To find out more about our dark web monitoring solution, and to receive your free dark web review and scan, click here.

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