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Many businesses see a lot of cyber security articles in the press but are unsure of how to grapple what’s happening.  Attacks are evading traditional security measures and the number of attacks is increasing as the method of delivery also advances.  Seemingly genuine payload is being used to transmit and propagate malware and it’s becoming more difficult to detect as it may lay dormant for a period of time before activating. Read about the biggest cybersecurity breaches over the last three years and the financial impact they’ve had on the companies.

Traditional perimeter security is not able to address zero-day vulnerabilities and rapidly evolving threats as its rule set remains static.  As exploits have advanced, so have security products that protect against them, however in the SME space many businesses are continuing to use similar technology that is used to provide and protect your home internet and network.

Next-generation firewalls have transformed network security by providing more robust protection against emerging threats.  They benefit from being inter-connected and sharing intelligence, allowing your business to gain from cyber-threats that are detected from over 1m global sensors that operate 24x7x365.  Next-generation firewalls also  leverage these learnings to classify and block malware in real-time.

Most managers are surprised that they can benefit from real-time protection and updates for a relatively small price per month, often seen as a trivial amount for those who have already been faced with ransomware, encrypted threats or malware.

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