CRM Focus – Ditch the post-it notes and see productivity grow

CRM technology and its potential for supporting business growth is a particular passion of ours here at DCS and this is especially true amongst the expert team who make up our Sage CRM consultancy.

Ben_headshotThis month our CRM consultant Ben Callery who is based out of our Hollinwood office near Manchester featured in the North West Business Insider magazine with his take on the role CRM has for businesses in the current environment of improving, yet still relatively sluggish, UK productivity.

In the article Callery points out how:

“…UK businesses must work harder to win new sales, and retaining customers is now critical”… “for businesses to achieve this, they must go beyond creating efficiency gains in their production operations, and look at digitising their sales, marketing and customer services. In this era of slow economic growth every customer encounter counts; you can’t afford to waste a single opportunity!”

laptop-postitOur Sage CRM consultants are all true evangelists for the process of digital transformation and nothing is guaranteed to get them going like a desk full of sticky note-based chaos. As Callery goes on to point out:

“Businesses that ditch the countless post-it notes containing to-do lists and client telephone numbers, and embrace an integrated CRM system, are those most likely to thrive under these current economic conditions.”

You can read the full article (and the rest of this month’s North West Business Insider) by clicking here and jumping to the digital magazine. 

Make sure you get in touch if any of the points made in the article ring true for you or if you’d just like an informal chat about how our CRM team may be able to help your business.

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