SMBs can take Digital Transformation lead, leapfrogging their larger peers

We don’t always think that SMBs have advantages when it comes to leading the way in digital transformation. Large companies have bigger pockets, meaning more investment in new technologies, they also tend to have larger teams, with whole departments dedicated to things like cyber security. But one thing that SMBs have that, generally speaking, larger

Cyber Protection from £53 per week

Many businesses see a lot of cyber security articles in the press but are unsure of how to grapple what’s happening.  Attacks are evading traditional security measures and the number of attacks is increasing as the method of delivery also advances.  Seemingly genuine payload is being used to transmit and propagate malware and it’s becoming

Don’t close your eyes. It’s time to be aware. Know the threats.

In recent weeks I have spoken with clients and prospective clients who have been subjected to attack by cyber criminals.  Cyber-attacks on SMEs are becoming more common and more sophisticated.  In some cases, the attacks were successful and there was resulting business interruption from system downtime and data-loss from ransomware encrypting critical business files. A