Can it ever be too early for an SME to sort out it’s business systems?

Business debate over systemsSME. It’s an acronym you’ll notice cropping up a lot on our blog, and rightly so as pretty much every single one of our clients would fall into this admittedly wide-ranging classification – small and medium enterprises.

However, within the SME bracket you’ll find a hugely diverse assortment of businesses, not least when it comes to differences in size – at dcs we work with organisations between a dozen and 500 employees strong, from turnovers of £1.5 million all the way through to £50 million+ (and far more in certain cases within high-turnover business models).

It’s often at the smaller-scale end of this spectrum (although not always by any means) that we run into the objection that business software isn’t really a major concern. This is usually because the management believe it’s too early, the business is too small or they’re not in a situation where they’ll realise an ROI from improved systems.

From our experience though, in 99.9% of the cases where we encounter this situation these beliefs are a result of a lack of appreciation for either the day to day operating difficulties within the business or the potential of modern business software designed specifically for SMEs.

In a recent Digitalist Magazine article titled My Business is Small – So Why Worry About Running Simple? our partners at SAP looked at just this issue. You can read the full story here.

So, to the question we asked in the title of this blog – Can it ever be too early for an SME to sort out it’s business systems?

We think the answer is a simple ‘No’. If your business falls within the SME bracket then it’s in a position where remaining competitive and targeting growth is the only strategy that truly makes long-term sense. Ensuring your business systems are modern, efficient and support your business processes in as slick and simple way as possible is vital in achieving this.

With SME-specific software solutions like SAP Business One (including the small business Starter Pack) and Sage 200 in our portfolio, and with teams of experienced consultants delivering and supporting implementations for hundreds of clients across the UK, we know exactly what can be achieved and how to achieve it. The right systems can be truly business changing for an SME and at dcs we’re always happy to hear from organisations looking to secure a successful future through technology.

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