What does Boyum & Produmex tie-up mean for SAP Business One users?

boyum produmex sapYou may have noticed some exciting news emerging from our partners over at Boyum IT earlier this year as they announced their acquisition of fellow SAP partner Produmex, a specialist in warehouse management solutions.

Following on from Boyum’s previous acquisition of the beas Group, and their range of manufacturing modules designed to further build on the power of the core SAP Business One solution (modules that DCS as specialist SAP Business One partners have enthusiastically embraced), this latest tie-up represents another major step for Boyum as they build on their reputation as a leading global provider of SAP SME solutions.

Of course, this addition of the beas applications also provided an effective proving ground for Boyum in managing the integration of complex solutions to their existing portfolio. This successful process means Boyum are even more confident that the acquisition of Produmex will lead to an even stronger overall solutions offering achieved through the seamless addition of this warehouse management technology to their product range.

“Welcoming Produmex into the Boyum fold is another bold yet positive step for Boyum IT Solutions, and it gives us the fuel to continue our 20 year upward trajectory of progress and innovation”, says CEO Mikael Boyum.

But beyond Boyum’s growth as a business, what does this mean for their customers and other SAP Business One users who may be considering Boyum applications as a way of building on the functionality of their business management platform? On this point, Boyum goes on to elaborate:

“Our partners and customers are the lifeblood of our business, and the marriage of these two companies and solutions provides us with an extremely strong foundation with which to support them, and give them the platform that they need to succeed”.

Kris Adriaenssens, CEO and founder of Produmex, was also extremely upbeat about what the merger of the two businesses would mean for customers both now and in the future.

“Joining forces with Boyum IT Solutions just makes strategic sense. Combining our teams and world leading supply chain and manufacturing solutions provides our partners with the competitive edge to compete in the fierce ERP landscape to their customer’s advantage.’’

As a strategic Boyum partner in the UK and big fans of the Produmex solution, the SAP team here at DCS see the merger as an exciting and promising advance for the SAP Business One product, clients and the overall partner solution ecosystem. We’ll be staying tuned and making sure our clients benefit from the tie up in the future.

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