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The DCS security series running over the coming months is focused on helping businesses understand security risks, demystify cyber security and identifying positive steps that can be taken to protect from harmful threats. A 2019 Ipsos MORI poll identified that 80% of respondents consider security critical to their business although 30% acknowledged they knew nothing

Don’t close your eyes. It’s time to be aware. Know the threats.

In recent weeks I have spoken with clients and prospective clients who have been subjected to attack by cyber criminals.  Cyber-attacks on SMEs are becoming more common and more sophisticated.  In some cases, the attacks were successful and there was resulting business interruption from system downtime and data-loss from ransomware encrypting critical business files. A

Cyber Security Insurance – Are you covered?

If, like me, you have been reviewing insurance renewals recently, you will probably have seen the increasing recommendation to protect your business with cyber liability insurance, if you haven’t already taken this cover.  Cyber insurance products have evolved significantly in recent years and offer genuine protection to a business, but you must be sure of