A round up of our recent workshop

On 12th June we held the first in our series of Reflect & Recharge workshops at Robinsons Brewery, Stockport. The day was hosted by our SAP experts – James Peel, Jason O’Brien and Adam Rawlins, who addressed the specific challenge’s attendees were facing and made suggestions on how SAP Business One can be implemented to help resolve them.

Here are some of the main discussion points from the day:

Stock Control

Stock Control is one of the most prominent challenges SME manufacturers face today, particularly around having complete visibility over their stock levels and understanding trends in their stock requirements. This session was focused around supporting businesses to:

  • Gain greater visibility of stock held in multiple locations to make order picking faster and provide a better response to customer demands.
  • Improve visibility of stock picking schedules, understand which items are picked, when they are picked and by whom.
  • Analyse and improve order fulfilment levels and manage back orders.
  • Understand stock cycle counts and remove discrepancies in their stock level reporting.

Digital Workflows

A key part of digitising your business is changing workflows into a digitised, automated format. This not only helps to eliminate human error and standardise best practices, but also reduce the levels of reliance on key individuals using digital workflows. This session was focused around:

  • Reducing paper based manual processes, like:
    • New customer accounts being set up
    • Addition of new item master data with digital departmental collaboration
    • Addition of key despatch documentation like COCs in digital format
  • Automating workflows so that staff are assigned specific roles and responsibilities. Setting up alerts to prompt actions and help people manage their responsibilities.
  • Redesigning historic workflow when converting to a digital format to ensure that key data is captured and validated at the optimum time to save additional expenses and effort later in the business process.

During the session our experts also spoke in detail about, Materials Requirements Planning which involves using the integrated sales history to drive MRP with accurate forecasts and provide benefits to cashflow. Linked to the above, an explanation and demonstration about how cumulative MRP can help with ensuring the most efficient and timely recommendations for purchasing and production are made.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EDI has proven itself to now be a common requirement for SMEs looking to scale up their business. It holds business benefits linked to improving speed of communications with both customers and suppliers. One of our client’s is an example of how a small business can use EDI technology to help manage scaling up their business at a very quick rate – Read the Bulldog Skincare case study here.

In addition it was discussed how EDI can help provide business benefits in several areas. An example of this is the integration of IoT devices like sensors on manufacturing equipment. A real life example being if the sensor notices that an underground pump has stopped working, it can automatically create a support ticket in SAP Business One and instigate the standard digital workflow.

Also, if an electronic catalogue of goods and parts need updating, EDI automation is a good example of working efficiently to complete the update quickly as opposed to running manual processes prone to data errors that can cause sales order processing issues further down the line.


If you would like to learn more about SAP Business and get a personalised consultation showing you how it can address your unique business challenges, contact us and arrange a free system review.



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