Cyber Security

Businesses depend heavily on IT systems to enable most critical operations. Whilst reliance on IT systems increases, cyber-criminals develop more innovative and advanced threats and exploits to damage your business. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to assess risk and ensure adequate cyber security protection is in place to protect business continuity.

An overall IT security strategy should involve a solution tailored to the needs of your business. It is important to clearly identify vulnerabilities and address potential threats through a diligence process and evaluate your needs for the new technology and/or training. Read the NCSC Small Business Guide to Cyber security here.

DCS are specialists in Cyber Security and Business Resilience. We have partnerships with carefully selected technology providers to deliver a comprehensive security product stack for SMEs; including advanced anti-virus and malware protection, visibility and scanning of encrypted traffic, managed services and training to thwart even the smartest cyber-criminals.

Robust Cyber Security strategy

Our accredited team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to advise, implement and support a robust Cyber Security strategy. We can also deliver training to ensure that everyone in your organisation is acting as a line of security textdefence against cyberattacks.

When thinking about your complete IT security strategy, organisations should look at implementing a multi-faceted approach, which is exactly what DCS does for you.

We will work with you to define business objectives, critical business processes and key business risks. From here we can identify the right range of services and systems to offer you; to give you protection from cyberattacks and minimise administrative overheads.

Our Cyber Security portfolio includes:

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