Cyber Essentials

cyber-essentials-badgeDemonstrate security to your customers.  Don’t get caught out by the GDPR.  Prevent common attacks.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats and cyber-criminals.

There are five areas of focus and control:

  • Securing your internet connection
  • Configuring your devices and software securely
  • User access control
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Keeping your software and patches up to date

Many organisations are undertaking the Cyber Essentials certification to demonstrate to their customers that they take security seriously.  Cyber Essentials also assists in securing data assets for GDPR compliance as well as achieving business insurance terms of cover.

itg-logoDCS is partnered with IT Governance in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive Cyber Essentials solution.

Together we offer a range of consultancy and testing services aimed at helping your business to achieve its Cyber Essentials certification. Our tiered approach means the service you take can be as simple as a helping hand over the phone to get ready for Cyber Essentials accreditation, through to a fully-supported consultative process with onsite reviews and pre-accreditation scans.

Check out the table below for more detail on this:

Cyber Essentials Table

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