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The Cloud has been a revolution (and, arguably, an overused buzz term) within technology during the past decade. However, as with most revolutionary or disruptive ideas, the Cloud as a concept is not actually that complex – it simply describes a way in which IT and computing services are provisioned and consumed.

Sage Business Cloud Cut Out PaperAnd get this, it wasn’t even necessarily something new when the era of cloud blew up. No, the Cloud concept had existed since the dawn of the internet but in the past few years the consumption of cloud has gone mainstream, from the way we do our banking to how we watch our television.

Advancements in cloud technologies present huge opportunities for efficiency gains and performance improvement to businesses, and can also be beneficial for cash flow with the Cloud being one of the main drivers of the subscription economy.

However, every business is different and cloud is still not the answer every time or for everyone. Certain businesses and industries are still very much mated to on premise infrastructure for good reasons while others may need more of a hybrid approach to the Cloud. Our heritage as an IT business systems provider means we understand this.

Sage Business cloud Financials roadFrom True or Public Cloud solutions, through to Private Cloud platforms and on to more standalone cloud apps related to areas such as email and collaborative working, we can assist based on a deep understanding of the modern SMEs tech requirements.

Talk to DCS IT Services today and we’ll be happy to discuss your business needs and start developing your business’s cloud roadmap.

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