B1 iPayment for SAP Business One makes card payment processing simple

ecommerce-credit-cardOur SAP Business One team are unashamed superfans when it comes to our partners at Boyum IT and their innovative range of software additions for the Business One solution.

It’s probably fair to say that without at least some kind of Boyum product not one of our SAP Business One clients would have a system as powerful and capable of supporting their operations.

It’s because of this that we always get very excited when new Boyum products are brought to market and the Danish-based developer’s latest addition comes in the for of B1 iPayment. This seamlessly integrated new module now allows our clients to store credit card details and process payments direct from within SAP Business One.

Download the B1 iPayment brochure below.

B1 iPayment has been developed in partnership with the UK payment service provider Secure Trading and is just another advance made by Boyum to ensure SAP Business One delivers a comprehensive business management system and a single environment for users to perform all of their working tasks within.

The taking of payment card information over the phone can be a clunky and laborious task with manual data entry making life pretty dull for end users and also introducing plenty of risk for errors to be made. Errors that of course lead to more unnecessary and time consuming administrative work down the line.

B1 iPayment avoids all this hassle and makes getting paid as simple as we all know it should be. All you have to do is send your customers to a web page where they can enter their card details for payment, in a fully secured, PCI compliant environment. These payments are then automatically recorded and updated in your SAP Business One system.

B1 iPayment features include:

  • Store and assign multiple Credit Cards to customers within SAP Business One
  • Support for multiple Credit Cards in a single transaction
  • Handle one-time customers
  • Automatic authorization and settlement
  • Easy batch authorizations, settlements and refunds
  • Accept Credit Cards directly on the incoming payment
  • Works with multiple Payment Gateways
  • All Credit Card handling fully outsourced to the payment gateway for easy PCI DSS compliance
  • No Credit Card data stored in your database for optimal security and ease of mind
  • Support for integration with third party systems like web shops
  • AVS/CCV2/CAVV fraud integration with the gateway

For more information on B1 iPayment check out the video below or give the team at dcs a call. We”ll be happy to chat through how the module and SAP Business One could help your business run simpler.

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